AWSC: How Many Mentions Are Too Many Mentions?


When you host a sponsored event with multiple partners everyone wants a piece of the glory. Generally a sponsorship package includes social media promotion and that’s totally fair, if you are going to give someone money you undoubtedly deserve a shout out. And so does everyone else who contributed the pie making.

But let’s look at the big picture, an average event has a minimum of 4 sponsors or partners, a standard tweet has 140 characters, so once we are done mentioning everyone who deserves a mention how much room would we have left to actually compose a message?

Most of the well organized events have some sort of cards or reminders with official hashtags and twitter handles of the people they want you to mention, which is all cool – I don’t have a problem thanking someone for an open bar on Twitter but there is a point at which it becomes plain confusing.


This one takes the cake for all of the ones I’ve seen in the last 6 months (and I’ve seen a lot). I guess where I’m going with this is:

People, pick your priorities!

I completely understand that everyone wants a spotlight but with that many handles there is no opportunity left to actually talk about the event.

The solution is simple; the main thing you should promote is your hashtag, then the main event Twitter handle. Everyone else gets the fine print.

If you are a sponsor of such an event making sure people know about it is as much your responsibility as it is the of the host so tell your followers which hashtag to follow.

Please stop the mention abuse.


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