Creative Kung-Fu

How do you get creatives to use your stock image library?

Challenge their skills and judgment.

While looking for an article on the Communication Arts website (CA) I came across Masterfile‘s Master Creative Challenge. I think at this point it is important to note that I saw nothing but this very app on the right hand side as soon as the site opened. “Match as many fonts as you can in 30 sec” it said, so I said “hell yeah, lets give this a try.” After being called weak sauce for matching only 6 out of 7 fonts in 30 seconds (I was confused the first 10) I got relinked to the Masterfile’s homepage where the actual challenge takes place. Another smart one from Rethink (Toronto).

Now normally I would not even click on the app let alone follow it through to the website and play with it. But they got me. They really got me. My initial reaction was to play the game, see what I will learn, will I become the creative kung-fu  master? I’d like to. Who wouldn’t?

The first challenge is Image Search Mastery and the rest get unlocked as you progress. During the first challenge while testing your ‘visual search techniques’ they teach you how to use their site. Right under the game app is a note, located amid generous white space, that reads “Need help with image research? Call us – the service is fast and it’s free.” – oh [imagine sad face here], you didn’t pass the challenge? Dang it. We can help you with that. Smart. How smart.

After passing the first challenge they give your a Brown Beard but before moving on they ask you to register. Do I want to see the rest of the challenges? Yes. And done, Kateryna is now on their mailing list.  On Challenge 2 I was, once again, called the Weak Sauce Creative-san. Womp womp womp. You try it and tell me how many you caught on the first try.

Will I be buying images from Masterfile? Not at this point in my life I wont (student), but when I need to who will I think of first? Someone with a flashy banner (if any) or the guys who called me a creative kung-fu master?

The master himself is on twitter.

I’d be curious to see some data on how successful this big idea ends up being.

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