Fuel+ retail innovation

Let’s be honest, the healthy food trend is not going anywhere. While some people are not by choice stuck eating only greens and protein others choose an alternative food plan to increase their metabolism, loose weight, run faster, or sleep better, everyone has their own reason.

I have tried a similar meal plan but as someone who was born and raised in Eastern Europe there are things that I will not part with – bread and butter – but what I remember being the most challenging part about being gluten and dairy free is trying to figure out what it is you can actually eat. Frankly, not all labels are appropriately descriptive.

The other day I had the pleasure of checking out the menu at Fuel +, a health store that serves up all kinds of wonderful items and shakes that fall in lign with all kinds of dietary restrictions. One of my favourite things in the store, aside from a peanut butter fuel ball, is how they label their product. Everything in the store is clearly marked as whatever kind of special it is – gluten-free, dairy-free, local, organic and so on.

So there it is, retail innovation does not have to cost a fortune, a simple way to do it is making it easer to shop.




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