AWSC: Is Apple’s “Metal Mastered” Golden or Just Creative Stock?

Recently Apple rolled out the new ad for the Gold iPhone 5s. The soundtrack for the said ad is Goldfrapp’s “Ooh La La.” The Verge saw it as “a music choice that shows that Apple isn’t afraid of puns.” 9to5 Mac pointed out that the song has already been used in a Motorola and an LG ad. “Apple will hope that the new ad campaign can silence dictators who say the company had lost its marketing groove” said the Business Insider.

What do you think?

Do you think Apple lost its marketing mojo?

I will admit I’m a fan of the recent set of general iPhone ads (more photos than ever are taken on iPhone type), even the the new 5C ads, they’re cute, they’re sentimental, they show the things I do with my phone in a more romantic way.

This new “Metal Mastered” spot, however, wound me up from inside out. Aside from the fact that it looks like a chocolate bar ad, there is a lot more to that cliche, pun driven, song choice than meets the eye (a pun deserves a pun).

In 1983 Apple unveiled the Apple Macintosh personal computer with “1984,” an ad so revolutionary, and intelligent it made advertising history books. Skip a few decades into the modern days, past the “Think Different” campaign, to 2010. In 2010 Apple introduced the new iPad with Chilly Gonzales’ “Never Stop,” a decision that was not only adventurous, forward, and quirky, but also made Gonzales famous. The important thing about this song choice is that Gonzales is a perfect fit for Apple because he is a multidisciplinary musician and a Grammy-nominated composer – a man who made classic music cool again. This barely heard before song became an unofficial Apple trademark, it was The Apple song.

Earlier this month Apple released a supposedly revolutionary new phone to a 2005 Goldfrapp track.

I’m not a Goldfrapp hater. In fact I’m a fan (not of the new album, that one’s a bust, sorry Alison) but in no way do I think it was a smart choice despite how fitting the band name and the song lyrics are fitting to this, unoriginal concept.

It might be just my opinion but it does not seem to be groundbreaking to unveil a new phone to an 8 year old track that has been previously used by competitor devices. The Beatles, maybe. Some new band, sure. Commission Lorde to write a song? Why not, but it has not been long enough for Goldfrapp to become memorably retro, especially not when they are promoting a new album.

I am confused about the voice and feel that Apple is heading into with these “sexy” new operating system designs, gold shadows, and poor music choices. I do not want them to return to the old ways, no, but hopefully it’s only a matter of time before Apple finds it’s new, “golden” focus point when it comes to marketing.


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