Julien Hobeika, in business of making better plans

Julien Hobeika is a Co-Founder and CEO of WePopp, an app that helps you plan things with friends. 

The app launched in August last year and has been operating on a small amount of funding provided by Google. Their efforts and ideas, however, did not go unnoticed and more recently WePopp raised €130K in angel investments.


Operating in a fairly competitive market, both planning and apps in general, WePopp has it’s own challenges aside from those that come with new business. But the idea seemed solid enough from the start so the partners kept pushing it forward no matter what it takes:

“We knew we were really onto something when we started getting a lot of press in September 2013, we were featured in the app Store twice and our number of downloads keeps soaring”  says Hobeika with a smile. But thinking back to the first few years he recalls:

“The first year was hard (like in every business). We were iterating on our product a lot and we had a lot of ups and downs. The best days were when we made a new feature worked and people liked it. The worst day was when we figured out that when we weren’t doing any marketing, very few people were coming back to use our product. 

“The second year we figured out something very important. During the first year, our product was only web. And we decided last June to kill our web application and launch a mobile application. that was a real challenge because we threw away everything we built so far and built something new. The only thing that was unchanged was our vision of the problem we were solving. We wanted a platform where people could plan their next get-together collaboratively.”  And such a platform they built.

The project is still in its infancy but partners have high hopes and staying sharp on point will allow them continuing their success and help the rest of us to make better plans with friends.


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