On Good and Simple Design

I must admit I have not been a good blogger lately. I’ve recently decided to try myself as a Trend Hunter and writing for them has taken a toll on my blog. I try to think that I have written a lot but the truth is compare to professional trend hunters I’m just a rookie, it’s more of a hobby than an obsession and I think that is Ok considering that I dont trend hunt for a living.

Now that school is back on I am going to be back on Caramel with much more dedication. This post was suppose to be about Good Design so now I am going to get to the point.

In this month’s issue of Applied Arts Hans Kleefeld (not a stranger to AA by any means) wrote a column titled “As Easy as 1-2-3” which was all about the tree basic steps of good design based on hierarchy and de-cluttering. I would strongly recommend reading the article (p.12) but I will share the 1-2-3 just because I think they are simply precious.

1 – There is always that one “striking” elements (image or a group of words) and that element should be the be key point from which good design starts.

2 – Any other “qualifying” elements should be directly related to the key element and must support it without overpowering it.

3 – The least important information must go in last and be “clearly stepped down in size.”

Those steps may seem simple and very much common sense but the truth is it is easy to get carried away which is why there are so many cluttered and painful to look at pieces out in the design and advertising world.

I thought this Alfred Hitchcock’s Birds movie poster was a good representation of the 1-2-3.

The full article could be found in Applies Arts 131- October 2010 Volume 25 on page 14.

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