A quick chat with Stephen Lake, CEO and co-founder of Thalmic Labs

Stephen Lake is the CEO and co-founder of Thalmic Labs, an organization that concentrates on “building the future of human-computer interaction.” The company works with wearable technology and ubiquitous computing. One of the most recent releases from Thalmic is the MYO Gesture Control Armband, that works in collaboration with smartphones, smarthomes, presentations, radio and various multimedia. 

When asked about some of the biggest challenges of the startup world Lake said that as a hardware company they continually face challenges on both the engineering and business levels:

“Supply chain, quality control, distribution, and financing all this. One big challenge we faced was a technical one – existing sensor technology that picks up muscle activity signals wasn’t suitable for our application, so we spent over a year developing our own brand new sensor.

“We often think about the fact that we’re solving challenging problems to create something that could change the face of computing. The three of us get to wake up every day and work on some of the coolest technology we can imagine, alongside an amazing team of people.

There really isn’t anything else we’d rather be doing.

“Our stress relief outside of work is athletics for all of us – we did several triathlons together this past summer.”

And like most entrepreneurs Lake and his team, Matthew Bailey, and Aaron Grant, while proud of their accomplishments thus far remain on a forward path towards success:

“We’re still in the early days. If we had to narrow it down to a specific reason that we’ve been able to get this far, it’s that we’re a highly resourceful group and we continue to pound away at challenges we face day in, day out.”