The Gentlemen’s Expo: the Dragons and the Chefs

On Saturday afternoon The Gentlemen’s Expo brought together the Dragons for a discussion panel. It was interesting to get a behind the scenes perspective on the show that so many people go to with their life’s worth work in hopes and aspirations.  I think it is safe to say that everyone who was there now knows that getting a deal on TV hardly ever translates into real investment but I’m sure we all suspected that. But there was more to the conversation than that, here are some of my favourite points from that talk:

* Entrepreneurship is a life choice: becoming an entrepreneur is a big decision that involves not just your life  & lifestyle but also your family.

* We do not lack of ideas, ideas are not our issue – execution is. Many great ideas fail due to poor execution.

Just some food for though.

On that note, there was something else that stood out to me at the Expo: One of the two main demonstration stages was a Cooking Stage where various celebrity chefs showcased their cooking skills inspiring people in attendance to cook more. Right next to that stage was a JustEat booth, a company that specializes in online food ordering, their entire brand message was “Real men don’t cook.” Now to say that this was poor location planning would be an understatement. Every chef commented on the installation with a little dismay. So note to self: booth location must be always taken into consideration.


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