The Very Real Social Network

Do you remember 2008?

Think about it again. Only a couple of years ago when facebook was growing to ridiculous popularity we were all concerned with how online community was making us antisocial in real life. We were becoming so dependent on facebook that we stopped calling people. The paradigm was that we were drifting apart. Social media was pushing us further away form each other, we were [supposedly] loosing ourselves and our friends to fictional online community… I remember it being a real big concern within the communication studies department at my university. The debate was ongoing and I thought it would never stop.

But it did.

Look at us now!  We use social media to make real life connections. The debate stopped and I did not even notice when. All of the sudden social media became the scolding hot thing that everyone needed to nurture their presence in, it does not push us apart – it brings us closer together!

I have been able to meet people I would have never had an opportunity to meet otherwise. I’ve met people (IRL) that I never though I’d be able to utter a word to let a lone have a conversation with. I’ve found people on twitter,  just like me, I never otherwise would  have known existed.


The point is, today social media opens doors to real life social interactions and opportunities. As we build our digital footprint our digital DNA multiplies. It use to be hard to create a digital DNA but now we all have one. Have you googled yourself lately? I’d be curious to know what you’ve found.

Real life identity could be created online. You can be found and discovered as a talent of some sort or as an interesting person in a matter of just a few clicks. Anyone could be a cewebrity if they have something interesting to say but now, more than ever before, that digital identity bleeds into the real life.


  1. I remember that scare about facebook making us anti-social.The view of social media has changed a bit since then, but I think Twitter had a lot more to do with it than Facebook did.Facebook although fun, is more of a way to keep in touch with ppl you already know or met irl.


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