There’s always someone…

The other day my sister sent me a picture which I felt was necessary to share with people on Twitter.

Now I know that those share numbers are not very high but for me they are, not many things I Tweet get that kind of traction, which made me think about why so many people were able to relate to the image.

I remember having a conversation with a group of people about how there are always people who will do it cheaper, and will do it cheaper with less effort, experience, and very little quality. It is these people who make it difficult for all of us to be able to make a livelihood in the creative field by cheapening the skill and undermining the complexity of work.

Cheap is hardly ever good and I’m clearly not the only one sharing that opinion:

Getting creative work done for cheap is setting yourself up for unexpected expenses, wether it’s  having to re-do it or being taken to court.

I don’t know if we will ever be able to teach people [clients] how much things actually cost and what good work looks like but I do hope that people [creatives] will learn their own worth.


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