Tommy Ton at Markville Mall. Or Just Find a Way to Make it Work

When you work in advertising not everything is exciting despite what the popular television might tell you. Sometimes you just have to make stuff happen and all you can do is make your so-so project into at least something beautiful. Out of the many factors involved into any project most of the worst unfortunately come from the client and sound something like “low budget” and “make it amazing” with, my least favorite, “stock photos”. This is one of those projects  where we found a way to make a simple ask look beautiful – Markville mall, welcome Tommy Ton, the most high fashion you can possibly get without shooting it yourself.
Advertising Agency: Extreme Group
Supervising Art Director: Jigisha Patel 
Art Director: Kateryna Topol
Copywriter: Erin McKay & Kateryna Topol 

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